Deception and division in the church

At a greater and global scale, we are seeing so many wonderful things happening in the Christian sector. However, we are also seeing deception and division in the Christian fields. Denominations have risen more than ever, giving birth to sects, cults, and different religions that have nothing to do with Christianity. As time progresses, we are seeing many people being deceived, and the deceptions are only getting tougher to battle.

See to it that there is no one who takes you captive through philosophy and empty deception in accordance with human tradition, in accordance with the elementary principles of the world, rather than in accordance with Christ.

Colossians 2:8

Deception comes over the spiritually immature

Those that are immature will give way to deception. Also, those that are in sin and holding iniquity in their hearts will also be contenders to be deceived. They will exchange the truth of God (His word) with human tradition and values that support their flesh. When people have itchy ears, they will desire to hear only nice messages and will discard confrontational messages. This is when doors are open for someone to fall off of God’s protection.

God never contradicts His word: the key not entering deception

People fall into rebellion because they take their eyes off of Jesus and put it in a man or a woman. They create excuses to support and justify their sin, but it will never truly justify it before God. The more we know God’s word, the more we’re able to discern when something is off.

For instance, God doesn’t support division, divorce, or movements that come out of a doctrine that is not stated in God’s word. Any movements such as this, no matter how convincing they may sound, cannot be trusted or supported. It will give room to apostasy and open doors for more deception around the world. We are seeing denominations, movements, and religions being formed from the ideals and principles of men, but not of God. As a result, we are forming a rebellious and lawless church.

Truth has no emotions.

I believe that Jesus was very blunt when he revealed himself as the only way the truth and the life. I also believe he was very confrontational with religious people, and he spoke more about hell than Heaven. He wanted to alert us that times of deception are coming and we must stay watchful. We must continue to stay rooted in God’s word.

As Christianity continues to become popular, we will also see the rising of these kind of movements. These movements will have a strange fire and doctrine, and will deviate many people away from the truth. They will be movements that think they carry God’s presence but are rooted in error and in rebellion. God will not bless or tolerate sin that brings deception over many people.

My prayer and my counsel for you that is reading this is to remain a student of the word of God. Do not give heed to the principles or doctrines of men. Only God’s word will prevail. Continue to abide in His word and what He has spoken, so that you don’t end up falling into error. Do not believe false Christs or teachers, as Jesus said. Very tough times are coming, and the enemy wants to make sure that the called are removed. My prayer is that the chosen prevail, and I believe that you will too…

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