How to Strengthen Your Relationship with God during quarantine?

What can we do in this quarantine season to get our eyes back to Jesus? The world is just waiting for time to pass by and doing nothing, but the church must actively be strengthening their relationship with God! This is so vital and important!

Pope recites prayer and creates a ritual for humanity’s forgiveness of sins.

Last Friday, Pope Francis Prayed on behalf of the people to God and asked for forgiveness of their sins. Confirmed their sins are forgiven, and prayed before two status for the removal of this plague.

The media gets offended when President Trump calls coronavirus the “Chinese virus”

In one of the speeches that President Trump gave last week, a reporter accused Trump of being a racist. They said that some people are calling him a racist regarding his comments to the virus as Chinese. Trump quickly discarded the reporter, stating that they were uninformed. He said that the only reason why heContinue reading “The media gets offended when President Trump calls coronavirus the “Chinese virus””

The Heart of a Soul Winner

Let my heart bleed for those that are in need I want to be awakened to the sound of grief I want to have the heart of a soul winner Who responds to the sufferings of the weak I want to be moved by the afflicted To be the answer to their sickness A fireContinue reading “The Heart of a Soul Winner”

How can we receive direction from God?

“Make me to know way your ways, O Lord; teach me your paths.” Psalm 25:4 After being in the Lord for so long, sometimes I’ve experienced (and many of us, perhaps) the difficulty of breaking forth into a new dimension of the Lord. It must happen to us at some point during our walk withContinue reading “How can we receive direction from God?”

Run to the Secret Place

I don’t want to get caught up with the festivities The celebrations and Christmas parties You’re the reason we enjoy these holidays I will run to the secret place I am grateful for all that you’ve done I am grateful that you haven’t left me Your love plays on and on like a song I’mContinue reading “Run to the Secret Place”

December 2016 Word: God isn’t finished with you, yet.

We have reached the end of the year, and a lot of questions come to mind. Are you at the level that you expected to be? Did you accomplish all of the goals that you wanted to fulfill in 2016? What mistakes did you do in this year? Did you do enough? All of theseContinue reading “December 2016 Word: God isn’t finished with you, yet.”

These are my 12 favorite United Pursuit Songs

My closest friends know that I love United Pursuit. From the beginning of my walk with God, their songs have impacted me in a powerful way. The majority of my church listens to Bethel Music, Jesus Culture and Hillsong, and I don’t have anything wrong with those bands. Those are some of my favorite; IContinue reading “These are my 12 favorite United Pursuit Songs”

How can we battle the adversary of stress?

I was on, viewing a teaching on how to deal with stress by Pastor Guillermo Maldonado. As he shared the message, many thoughts crept into my head as to why young people tend to deal with problems in our minds, heart, and spirit. Have you ever sat down in a chair and overwhelmed yourselfContinue reading “How can we battle the adversary of stress?”