No matter how much weight’s being lifted To push my heart away from You My heart bounces back, just like a magnet It keeps me going back to You I can’t escape from who You are Ever since you took me, I’m marked for life Your light, It shines, Brighter than the stars ItContinue reading “Magnet”

In Love With God

Check out the way I’m looking for Him Check out the way I bow down on my knees Check out the way He delivers me from sin Check out the way He’s looking right at me He’s expecting me to have a conversation with Him He’s expecting for me to leave all of my problemsContinue reading “In Love With God”

The Closer I Get to You

The closer I get to You, The more I fall in love. The closer I get to You, The more I seek Your heart. And I won’t yield another way; No other person can take Your place; You’re God Almighty and I worship You For the remaining of my days. The closer I get toContinue reading “The Closer I Get to You”