End- Time Deception : Poem

End- Time Deception : Poem. Difficult times we’re living in. We must be sure we’re part of that remnant of God.

Trump Administration negotiates the Abraham Accords, an attempt to birth peace between Israel and the Arab States.

In another historic moment, the Trump Administrations launches another effort to bring peace and restoration between Israel and the Arab States. This deal is so historic to protect Israel for the end time move of God.

Why this age that we’re living in has taken youth away from God

More than ever, we are seeing how the youth of this age are growing up with diverse beliefs and backgrounds. Society, education, and technology have played a vital role in influencing youth to turn away from God. Anti-Christ spirits are being released to blind youth, and hopefully this opens many eyes.

Recent Earthquake Reports Point to the End-Times

Friday, the land of Japan was attacked with a severe earthquake killed 32 people, shaking the whole world. There were many buried underneath land to be rescued. It became a 7.0-magnitude event, and another addition to the catastrophic events that have taken place in the previous months and years. It shakes the minds because it leaves people worried, frantic,Continue reading “Recent Earthquake Reports Point to the End-Times”

Superbowl’s “Believe in Love” Illustration Poisons Audiences

Unfortunately, audiences around the world witnessed yesterday one of the most disturbing events in the minds of Christians. A few months ago, a law was passed that homosexuals considered a victory for them. As a result of this “historical law” that legalized gay marriage, this image was portrayed by the White House at that sameContinue reading “Superbowl’s “Believe in Love” Illustration Poisons Audiences”

Apostate Clergy of Ohio thanks God for its abortion providers

According to Christian News Network, a group of apostate United Methodist Episcopal and Jewish clergy gathered outside an abortion facility to bless the facility. As the pictures reveal, they are pro-family, pro-choice, pro-faith. One of the members stated that God’s love is steadfast, and that several religious people tend to forget that. For them, loveContinue reading “Apostate Clergy of Ohio thanks God for its abortion providers”

Umpqua shooting resembles Columbine Shooting, Revealing a Message for the End-Times

On Oct 1, 2015, the events that transpired regard a 26 year old Chris Harper Mercer killing 10 people on a community college. The Umpqua Community College, located in Oregon, had a lock-down through the event. Before firing bullets at people, Mercer asked the victims if they were Christian. He despised people of the ChristianContinue reading “Umpqua shooting resembles Columbine Shooting, Revealing a Message for the End-Times”


We’re living in the end times We’ll never make it through the night Unless we embrace you, And I embrace you Throughout the weaknesses and conflicts, The troubles and the embarrassments, My mistakes and all of my dooms, As I embrace you, I find my refuge. And I can’t live without your presence Out ofContinue reading “Embrace”