When the Odds- Poem

All of us will endure mountains and giants in our lives. Even in those moments of hardship, we must be affirmed that God’s love is with us. My prayer is that this poem encourages you and reaffirms your faith in God.

Why this age that we’re living in has taken youth away from God

More than ever, we are seeing how the youth of this age are growing up with diverse beliefs and backgrounds. Society, education, and technology have played a vital role in influencing youth to turn away from God. Anti-Christ spirits are being released to blind youth, and hopefully this opens many eyes.

Protests erupt in Minnesota after a black man was killed by 4 Minneapolis cops.

Showing no signs of resistance, a black man was killed by cop. The cop had his knee on his neck. After repeatedly stating he couldn’t breathe, cops continued to keep the hold on him.

Pope recites prayer and creates a ritual for humanity’s forgiveness of sins.

Last Friday, Pope Francis Prayed on behalf of the people to God and asked for forgiveness of their sins. Confirmed their sins are forgiven, and prayed before two status for the removal of this plague.

President Trump prays with pastors for the coronavirus pandemic

Prayer is what America needs, because as Christians, we know and believe that prayer isn’t something that we do as being “hopeful.” We know that there is power in prayer, and that God answers prayers. Every American should rejoice seeing our president turning to God.

Democrats oppose the stimulus package to help Americans in crisis.

Democrats, rather than coming into unity and helping Americans out of aid, continue to express their agenda. The ultimate opportunists, use this crisis to negotiate the GOP’s proposal to aid Americans, by pushing some of their demands into effect, as well.