Voting for Values vs. Personality in this election

Let us not fall into deception! We can never vote in an election based on personalities. As believers, we should always vote for values over someone’s character.

Our nation is more divided than it’s ever been.

Once upon a time, our nation wasn’t as divided as it used to be. There were critical moments when we were forced to come together as a nation. Nowadays, we are seeing the opposite. Crisis doesn’t unite us anymore.

Obama endorses Biden for president, hours after former Biden staff-member accused him of sexual assault.

After a week full of terrific endorsements of Sanders and Obama, Biden now faces sexual-assault accusations from a former staff member.

Senate passes stimulus package bill last night, awaits House approval by Friday, hopefully.

Despite some conflicts with the stimulus package bill already, it was passed and moved to the House of Representatives. There is already some conflicts and disagreements on some parts of it.

The media gets offended when President Trump calls coronavirus the “Chinese virus”

In one of the speeches that President Trump gave last week, a reporter accused Trump of being a racist. They said that some people are calling him a racist regarding his comments to the virus as Chinese. Trump quickly discarded the reporter, stating that they were uninformed. He said that the only reason why heContinue reading “The media gets offended when President Trump calls coronavirus the “Chinese virus””

The world craves for answers!

The topic that has trended world-wide and has caused chaos, and havoc, has been the spreading of the coronavirus (COVID-19). The disease, which began to spread throughout the entire continent of China, has begun to slowly contaminate almost every continent of the world. Arriving to the United States, as of now, it has created casesContinue reading “The world craves for answers!”

The upcoming summit between North Korea and the United States will prove to be historical.

For the past several weeks, there’s been a lot of debate and talk about the upcoming summit the President Trump will have with North Korean leader Kim Jong Un. Surprisingly, in such a small time, the presidency of Trump has influenced several events to happen, like the peace negotiations between North and South Korea. SinceContinue reading “The upcoming summit between North Korea and the United States will prove to be historical.”

North Korea captures their fourth U.S. citizen, raising tensions between both nations regarding an outbreak of war.

As we all know (or should know), diplomatic relations between the United States and North Korea are in high tensions, worse than they have ever been in history. Some can argue that they are on the verge of beginning another World War.